We Make Mortgages SMART
Say goodbye to OCR, rekeying loan information, scanning and printing. Now is the time to dramatically improve companywide efficiency, reduce risk and increase profitability by transforming loan documents into accurate, smart data. LEARN MORE

Evolve to a True Digital Mortgage

A digital mortgage is much more than just going paperless. It’s a perfect stream of accurate, verifiable data, eNotes and e-signatures, from mortgage application to eClosing. And SigniaDocuments makes it happen.

SigniaDocuments enables end-to-end digital mortgages with a full array of available eSign, eVault, eDelivery, eRegistry and eClosing services—including RON. With SigniaDocuments, you can  create a truly digital mortgage process with a single provider while lowering costs, streamlining closings and generating loyal partners and borrowers.


A SMARTDoc Leader

With SigniaDocuments, more efficient processes, lower costs and fewer secondary market risks are all within your reach.

An active participant in MISMO’s SMARTDoc development efforts, SigniaDocuments was one of the first approved providers of SMARTDoc eNotes for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. SigniaDocuments is also GSE-certified and meets all legal and technical requirements for eVault loan file storage, with an easy-to-use interface that makes managing loan files and initiating transactions to the MERS eRegistry a breeze.

When it comes to SMARTDoc creation and storage, nobody is better than SigniaDocuments.

Document Generation, Not ‘Doc Prep’

Let’s be clear. This is not doc prep with PDFs containing data that can only be accessed visually. This is SMART document creation that eliminates errors and turbocharges lending.

Through seamless integration with your loan origination system, SigniaDocuments generates SMART loan documents for any loan program—documents with an almost unlimited amount of digital data, including data about when documents were created, modified, viewed and sent.

By creating SMARTDocs, SigniaDocuments helps lenders deliver a completely digital loan process. We create loan documents rather than fill out forms. So, ditch old-fashioned OCR, scanning and printing—and stop rekeying loan information from one document to the next. It’s time to get SMART.


SMARTDocs. So Smart.

SMARTDocs are the answer to inefficiencies that challenge mortgage lenders.

When lenders use Category 1 SMARTDocs, all loan documents—not just the note—can be read electronically before and after signing. There’s no scanning, document tagging, printing or OCR tools involved—just a seamless flow of data throughout the entire loan process.

And SigniaDocuments is home to the nation’s only document engine built entirely of Category 1 SMARTDocs.

Due Diligence at Your Fingertips

As part of Evolve Mortgage Services, a due diligence provider with over 25 years of experience reviewing tens of thousands of loans per month, SigniaDocuments is uniquely skilled at mortgage document compliance.

Evolve routinely catches errors made by doc prep companies—such as misplaced electronic signature tags and disclosure errors—saving lenders from unnecessary risk.

SigniaDocuments also takes insights learned from Evolve and makes programmatic changes to ensure its documents do not result in the same errors—an advantage no other doc company has.

To gain ultimate confidence in your loan documents, SigniaDocuments has you covered.