SigniaDocs  is not  another “doc prep” company. We are taking a holistic view and approach to eliminating the cost and inefficiencies of paper-based processes and delivering more intelligent, fraud and risk mitigation services through-out the entire loan origination, closing and investor delivery  process.

Our Belief & Approach: Eliminate paper-based thinking & processes

eVolutionizing the mortgage process: “It’s not about the data or document, it’s both.”

The difference between going “paperless” Vs. supporting a true eMortgage process.
Since SigniaDocs supports SMARTDocs ® the source data, documents and audit trail are all contained within the documents and travels with them.  Custom business rules and logic can be built at the data level within the documents so the concept of true intelligent or “self validating” compliant documents can actually happen.  Virtually eliminating the “stare and compare” process with static dumb paper or imaged documents because in today’s processes data gets updated separate from the documents. Imaging does not solve this.

Ensuring true eCompliance all along the mortgage manufacturing process: Because we can now support an intelligent (eMortgage) process; for audit and compliance purposes we can now effectively track and record what was originally disclosed at time of application and changed all along the mortgage process. Creating and offering new compliance services as a bi-product of this new eProcess.

For example, many consumers have longed complained  what was originally disclosed upfront and represented at closing were not the same. New training and licensing requirements are being enacted but the problem is you cannot legislate people’s dishonesty and greed and training will not eliminate varying levels of experience or skills. You have to have an automated, intelligent system that eliminates bias and temptation and delivers consistency and transparency throughout the entire process. That is what SigniaDocs  eSolutions do.